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Who are we ?

The Sports Nature Resorts
groupe de randonneurs en pleine nature en Corrèze encadrée par un guide nature professionnel

The Corrèze

a "sport nature" destination par excellence


Sports tourism already represented, at the origin of the project, 440 million Euros of turnover (Point on Nature Sports - Observatory of sport in Limousin territories - Center of Law and Economy of Sport - April 2006) . Based on this study, the Departmental Council of Corrèze (CD19), the Departmental Directorate of Social Cohesion and Protection of Populations (DDCSPP19) and the Departmental Olympic and Sports Committee (CDOS19) wished to position Corrèze as a true destination. "Nature sports".


From this consultation, carried out in close collaboration with the outdoor centers of the department, emerged the concept of "Station Sports Nature". The "Corrèze Station Sports Nature" association currently brings together 6 labeled resorts. As economic actors, the resorts generate employment and significant indirect benefits (catering, overnight stays, etc.).

The label

«Station Sports Nature Corrèze»

The departmental label "Station Sports Nature Corrèze" is an innovative concept of a multi-activity center. It was developed within the framework of discussions carried out over several years by the outdoor and leisure centers of Corrèze and the technical secretariat of the Commission for Sites and Routes relating to outdoor sports (General Council of Corrèze, Departmental Youth and Sports Directorate, Departmental Olympic and Sports Committee). It is the culmination of the committed quality approach.

the 5

quality commitments


Specialized welcome throughout the year


A full range of outdoor activities around the same territory


Safe outdoor sports provided by experienced teams and qualified instructors


Days, weekends and stays adapted to the wishes of users.


A range of accommodation and stays within or near the stations



for outdoor sports holiday center



Obtaining the label reinforces the structure in its action and its positioning in the department and thus allows it:

  • to be visible and recognized in its qualitative approach;

  • to be taken into account in development projects for Correze territories;

  • to develop a relationship of trust with practitioners and their loyalty to the Resort.

The labeling is the subject of support by the General Council, the Departmental Olympic and Sports Committee and the Departmental Youth and Sports Directorate in the various development and innovation efforts of the Resort.

Labeling documents

This labeling process can be broken down into two highlights, the signing of the Corrèze Nature Resort Charter and the granting of the label by the labeling commission. Two documents make up the Sports Nature Corrèze Resort label:

  • A Nature Sports Resort in Corrèze Charter, presenting a shared definition of the concept, and whose signature by the structures is a prerequisite for their request for labeling.

  • A labeling file, presenting the process and technical formalities, as well as the mandatory and optional criteria to which the structures must meet in order to acquire the label. This document serves as a support for the labeling commission in granting the label. The mandatory criteria ensure that the structure meets the different requirements of the label.


The optional criteria make it possible to learn about the positioning of each structure within the offer of nature sports in Corrèze, according to themes related to their volume of activity, their efforts in terms of signaling of the structure, product development. tourism but also taking into account the environment ...

The Commission


The labeling commission is chaired by the vice-president of the General Council in charge of sport and community life. It is made up of members from various backgrounds: sports, territorial development, tourism and economic development directorates of the General Council, Departmental Tourism Agency, Departmental Olympic and Sports Committee, Limousin Regional Council, National Education, Association "Corrèze Stations Sports Nature", Departmental Social Cohesion and Protection of Populations Directorate, and Association of Mayors of Corrèze.

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